Source code for torch.distributed.elastic.rendezvous.etcd_store

# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
# All rights reserved.
# This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.

import datetime
import random
import time
from base64 import b64decode, b64encode
from typing import Optional

import etcd  # type: ignore[import]

# pyre-ignore[21]: Could not find name `Store` in `torch.distributed`.
from torch.distributed import Store

# Delay (sleep) for a small random amount to reduce CAS failures.
# This does not affect correctness, but will reduce requests to etcd server.
def cas_delay():
    time.sleep(random.uniform(0, 0.1))

# pyre-fixme[11]: Annotation `Store` is not defined as a type.
[docs]class EtcdStore(Store): """ Implements a c10 Store interface by piggybacking on the rendezvous etcd instance. This is the store object returned by ``EtcdRendezvous`` """ def __init__( self, etcd_client, etcd_store_prefix, # Default timeout same as in c10d/Store.hpp timeout: Optional[datetime.timedelta] = None, ): super().__init__() # required for pybind trampoline. self.client = etcd_client self.prefix = etcd_store_prefix if timeout is not None: self.set_timeout(timeout) if not self.prefix.endswith("/"): self.prefix += "/"
[docs] def set(self, key, value): """ Write a key/value pair into ``EtcdStore``. Both key and value may be either Python ``str`` or ``bytes``. """ self.client.set(key=self.prefix + self._encode(key), value=self._encode(value))
[docs] def get(self, key) -> bytes: """ Get a value by key, possibly doing a blocking wait. If key is not immediately present, will do a blocking wait for at most ``timeout`` duration or until the key is published. Returns: value ``(bytes)`` Raises: LookupError - If key still not published after timeout """ b64_key = self.prefix + self._encode(key) kvs = self._try_wait_get([b64_key]) if kvs is None: raise LookupError(f"Key {key} not found in EtcdStore") return self._decode(kvs[b64_key])
[docs] def add(self, key, num: int) -> int: """ Atomically increment a value by an integer amount. The integer is represented as a string using base 10. If key is not present, a default value of ``0`` will be assumed. Returns: the new (incremented) value """ b64_key = self._encode(key) # c10d Store assumes value is an integer represented as a decimal string try: # Assume default value "0", if this key didn't yet: node = self.client.write( key=self.prefix + b64_key, value=self._encode(str(num)), # i.e. 0 + num prevExist=False, ) return int(self._decode(node.value)) except etcd.EtcdAlreadyExist: pass while True: # Note: c10d Store does not have a method to delete keys, so we # can be sure it's still there. node = self.client.get(key=self.prefix + b64_key) new_value = self._encode(str(int(self._decode(node.value)) + num)) try: node = self.client.test_and_set( key=node.key, value=new_value, prev_value=node.value ) return int(self._decode(node.value)) except etcd.EtcdCompareFailed: cas_delay()
[docs] def wait(self, keys, override_timeout: Optional[datetime.timedelta] = None): """ Waits until all of the keys are published, or until timeout. Raises: LookupError - if timeout occurs """ b64_keys = [self.prefix + self._encode(key) for key in keys] kvs = self._try_wait_get(b64_keys, override_timeout) if kvs is None: raise LookupError("Timeout while waiting for keys in EtcdStore")
# No return value on success
[docs] def check(self, keys) -> bool: """ Check if all of the keys are immediately present (without waiting). """ b64_keys = [self.prefix + self._encode(key) for key in keys] kvs = self._try_wait_get( b64_keys, override_timeout=datetime.timedelta(microseconds=1), # as if no wait ) return kvs is not None
# # Encode key/value data in base64, so we can store arbitrary binary data # in EtcdStore. Input can be `str` or `bytes`. # In case of `str`, utf-8 encoding is assumed. # def _encode(self, value) -> str: if type(value) == bytes: return b64encode(value).decode() elif type(value) == str: return b64encode(value.encode()).decode() raise ValueError("Value must be of type str or bytes") # # Decode a base64 string (of type `str` or `bytes`). # Return type is `bytes`, which is more convenient with the Store interface. # def _decode(self, value) -> bytes: if type(value) == bytes: return b64decode(value) elif type(value) == str: return b64decode(value.encode()) raise ValueError("Value must be of type str or bytes") # # Get all of the (base64-encoded) etcd keys at once, or wait until all the keys # are published or timeout occurs. # This is a helper method for the public interface methods. # # On success, a dictionary of {etcd key -> etcd value} is returned. # On timeout, None is returned. # def _try_wait_get(self, b64_keys, override_timeout=None): timeout = self.timeout if override_timeout is None else override_timeout # type: ignore[attr-defined] deadline = time.time() + timeout.total_seconds() while True: # Read whole directory (of keys), filter only the ones waited for all_nodes = self.client.get(key=self.prefix) req_nodes = { node.key: node.value for node in all_nodes.children if node.key in b64_keys } if len(req_nodes) == len(b64_keys): # All keys are available return req_nodes watch_timeout = deadline - time.time() if watch_timeout <= 0: return None try: key=self.prefix, recursive=True, timeout=watch_timeout, index=all_nodes.etcd_index + 1, ) except etcd.EtcdWatchTimedOut: if time.time() >= deadline: return None else: continue except etcd.EtcdEventIndexCleared: continue


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