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from torch import nn

class QuantStub(nn.Module):
    r"""Quantize stub module, before calibration, this is same as an observer,
    it will be swapped as `nnq.Quantize` in `convert`.

        qconfig: quantization configuration for the tensor,
            if qconfig is not provided, we will get qconfig from parent modules
    def __init__(self, qconfig=None):
        super(QuantStub, self).__init__()
        if qconfig:
            self.qconfig = qconfig

    def forward(self, x):
        return x

class DeQuantStub(nn.Module):
    r"""Dequantize stub module, before calibration, this is same as identity,
    this will be swapped as `nnq.DeQuantize` in `convert`.
    def __init__(self):
        super(DeQuantStub, self).__init__()

    def forward(self, x):
        return x

[docs]class QuantWrapper(nn.Module): r"""A wrapper class that wraps the input module, adds QuantStub and DeQuantStub and surround the call to module with call to quant and dequant modules. This is used by the `quantization` utility functions to add the quant and dequant modules, before `convert` function `QuantStub` will just be observer, it observes the input tensor, after `convert`, `QuantStub` will be swapped to `nnq.Quantize` which does actual quantization. Similarly for `DeQuantStub`. """ quant: QuantStub dequant: DeQuantStub module: nn.Module def __init__(self, module): super(QuantWrapper, self).__init__() qconfig = module.qconfig if hasattr(module, 'qconfig') else None self.add_module('quant', QuantStub(qconfig)) self.add_module('dequant', DeQuantStub()) self.add_module('module', module) self.train( def forward(self, X): X = self.quant(X) X = self.module(X) return self.dequant(X)


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