by Team PyTorch

In September 2022, we welcomed PyTorch to the Linux Foundation from Meta, which formed the PyTorch Foundation with founding members AMD, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Meta, Microsoft, and NVIDIA.

Since then, we’ve seen significant growth, including a 39% increase in commits across all repositories, 27% increase of unique contributors, and a 12% increase community contributions – all in the last 90 days! We’re grateful to our founding members for their support to move the foundation forward.

Today, we’re announcing that membership is now open to join the PyTorch Foundation.

As a member of the PyTorch Foundation, you’ll have access to resources that allow you to be stewards of stable, secure, and long-lasting codebases. You can collaborate on training and certification programs, local and regional events, open source developer tooling, academic research, and guides to help new users and contributors have a productive experience.

The PyTorch Foundation’s goal is to help end users navigate the PyTorch ecosystem, recruit talent, and adopt PyTorch and support open source AI technologies successfully.

Why join as a member

Being a part of the PyTorch Foundation grants opportunities to help build the future of end-to-end machine learning frameworks alongside your industry peers.

Membership benefits include:

  • Gain technical traction and insight for your organization’s products by immersing your teams with other industry leaders.
  • Influence technical priorities, approaches, and code.
  • Support the PyTorch project community by helping fund programs and services that the project and its community rely on.
  • Engage with the PyTorch project ecosystem, network with fellow members, and contribute to building and maintaining an engaging and strong PyTorch ecosystem.
  • Provide thought leadership and participate in unique, wide-reaching networking and marketing programs expanding industry awareness as PyTorch amplifies member progress.
  • Retain, attract, and increase engineering skills and employees and build your innovation partner network, supply chain, and customer pipeline.
  • As an active member of the PyTorch community, you can deepen your engagement and leadership in local and industry developer networks and conferences.

How to join

Premier members must submit an application to be considered for board level membership. General and associate members are welcome to join automatically. See below for specific tiering and details on each type of membership.

Premier Members

Premier members are the highest tier. They will appoint one voting representative in any subcommittees or activities of the PTF Governing Board, and receive prominent placement in displays of membership including website, landscape and marketing materials, exclusive live webinars with PyTorch online programs and everything included within a “general” membership. The annual fee is $150,000 + an LF Silver Membership.

General Members

General members will participate in all marketing, community and thought leadership opportunities, as well as discounts on event sponsorships and training courses. General members also have the opportunity to be considered for a PTF board position. The annual fee is dependent on the size of your organization. More details can be found here.

Associate Members

Associate members are free to join and will receive support and participation opportunities with the PyTorch Foundation team. More information can be found here.

Hear from our founding members


“AMD strongly believes in and supports an open software ecosystem. We are very proud to be a founding member of the PyTorch Foundation, helping to develop an open and collaborative community for AI and ML. AI and ML have the opportunity to impact everything we do, and the work done through the PyTorch Foundation is critical in developing an open framework that is vendor neutral and helps democratize AI for all.”


“AWS is a firm believer in the PyTorch Foundation mission to develop AI and deep learning tools through open collaboration. Our customers use PyTorch every day to build, train, and deploy machine learning models on AWS. Through our involvement, AWS is supporting innovation and helping to make open source tooling more accessible to our customers and the broader community.”


“The AI revolution is upon us and it’s being built on PyTorch. With new applications like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion built on PyTorch, the wave of generative AI continues to be felt across every facet of society. We at Google are excited to be a founding member of the PyTorch Foundation and we’re excited for the opportunity to work closely with other leaders in AI to help grow this amazing and innovative community.”


“Meta has a long history of putting open science at the core of our work in AI and PyTorch is no exception. PyTorch was built from the ground up with an open source, community-first philosophy. We transitioned PyTorch to the PyTorch Foundation because we believe this approach enables the fastest progress in building and deploying new systems that will address real-world needs and answer fundamental questions about the nature of intelligence. With the PyTorch Foundation, the entire AI community is positioned to push the field forward in countless exciting new ways.”


“Microsoft believes strongly in PyTorch and it’s been an honor to be a founding member of the PyTorch Foundation. Internally, we use PyTorch extensively, and an outgrowth of that is the Azure Container for PyTorch, which provides deep optimization for PyTorch development, including ONNX Runtime, DeepSpeed, and Nebula to greatly reduce training cost and accelerate training times on Azure Machine Learning. As part of our ongoing commitment to open source machine learning platforms, we look forward to partnering with industry leaders to continue contributing to the advancement of PyTorch.”


“As a leading Python-based AI framework, PyTorch has been fundamental to the development of LLMs and GenAI. NVIDIA’s goal is to deepen our collaboration with the open-source AI community as part of the PyTorch Foundation, and help build the next wave of advanced, energy efficient, and cost-effective applications with accelerated computing.”

Join today

We are excited to see the PyTorch Foundation continue to grow alongside the community through neutral governance and support. We hope you’ll join us as a member!