by Team PyTorch

Introducing PyTorch 2.0, our first steps toward the next generation 2-series release of PyTorch. Over the last few years we have innovated and iterated from PyTorch 1.0 to the most recent 1.13 and moved to the newly formed PyTorch Foundation, part of the Linux Foundation.

To complement the PyTorch 2.0 announcement and conference, we have also posted a comprehensive introduction and technical overview within the Get Started menu at

We also wanted to ensure you had all the information to quickly leverage PyTorch 2.0 in your models so we added the technical requirements, tutorial, user experience, Hugging Face benchmarks and FAQs to get you started today!

Finally we are launching a new “Ask the Engineers: 2.0 Live Q&A” series that allows you to go deeper on a range of topics with PyTorch subject matter experts. We hope this content is helpful for the entire community and level of users/contributors.