by Team PyTorch

Today, we are excited to announce the PyTorch Enterprise Support Program, a participatory program that enables service providers to develop and offer tailored enterprise-grade support to their customers. This new offering, built in collaboration between Facebook and Microsoft, was created in direct response to feedback from PyTorch enterprise users who are developing models in production at scale for mission-critical applications.

The PyTorch Enterprise Support Program is available to any service provider. It is designed to mutually benefit all program Participants by sharing and improving PyTorch long-term support (LTS), including contributions of hotfixes and other improvements found while working closely with customers and on their systems.

To benefit the open source community, all hotfixes developed by Participants will be tested and fed back to the LTS releases of PyTorch regularly through PyTorch’s standard pull request process. To participate in the program, a service provider must apply and meet a set of program terms and certification requirements. Once accepted, the service provider becomes a program Participant and can offer a packaged PyTorch Enterprise support service with LTS, prioritized troubleshooting, useful integrations, and more.

As one of the founding members and an inaugural member of the PyTorch Enterprise Support Program, Microsoft is launching PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure to deliver a reliable production experience for PyTorch users. Microsoft will support each PyTorch release for as long as it is current. In addition, it will support selected releases for two years, enabling a stable production experience. Microsoft Premier and Unified Support customers can access prioritized troubleshooting for hotfixes, bugs, and security patches at no additional cost. Microsoft will extensively test PyTorch releases for performance regression. The latest release of PyTorch will be integrated with Azure Machine Learning and other PyTorch add-ons including ONNX Runtime for faster inference.

PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure not only benefits its customers, but also the PyTorch community users. All improvements will be tested and fed back to the future release for PyTorch so everyone in the community can use them.

As an organization or PyTorch user, the standard way of researching and deploying with different release versions of PyTorch does not change. If your organization is looking for the managed long-term support, prioritized patches, bug fixes, and additional enterprise-grade support, then you should reach out to service providers participating in the program.

To learn more and participate in the program as a service provider, visit the PyTorch Enterprise Support Program. If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s offering, visit PyTorch Enterprise on Microsoft Azure.

Thank you,

Team PyTorch