by Team PyTorch

PyTorch Docathon

We are excited to announce the first ever PyTorch Docathon! The Docathon is a hackathon-style event focused on improving the documentation by enlisting the help of the community. Documentation is a crucial aspect of any technology and by improving the documentation, we can make it easier for users to get started with PyTorch, help them understand how to use its features effectively, and ultimately accelerate research to production in the field of machine learning.


Low Barrier to Entry

Many open-source projects require extensive knowledge of the codebase and prior contributions to the project to participate in any sort of hackathon events. The Docathon, on the other hand, is designed for newcomers. We do expect familiarity with Python, basic knowledge of PyTorch, and ML. But don’t fret, there are some tasks that are related to website issues that won’t require even that.

Tangible Results

One of the best things about the Docathon is that you can see the results of your efforts in real time. Improving documentation can have a huge impact on a project’s usability and accessibility and you’ll be able to see those improvements firsthand. Plus having tangible results can be a great motivator to keep contributing.

Collaborative Environment

The Docathon is a collaborative event which means you’ll have the opportunity to work with other contributors and PyTorch maintainers on improving the documentation. This can be a great way to learn from others, share ideas, and build connections.

Learning Opportunities

Finally, even if you are not an expert in PyTorch, the Docathon can be a great learning experience. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the PyTorch modules and test some of the tutorials on your machine as well as in the CI.


  • May 31: Kick-off
  • May 31 - June 11: Submissions and Feedback
  • June 12 - June 13: Final Reviews
  • June 15: Winner Announcements

Details for the Docathon to be announced at the kick-off stream on May 31.

Please register to join this year’s event: RSVP