Source code for torchaudio.datasets.commonvoice

import csv
import os
import warnings
from pathlib import Path
from typing import List, Dict, Tuple, Union, Optional

from torch import Tensor
from import Dataset

import torchaudio

def load_commonvoice_item(line: List[str],
                          header: List[str],
                          path: str,
                          folder_audio: str,
                          ext_audio: str) -> Tuple[Tensor, int, Dict[str, str]]:
    # Each line as the following data:
    # client_id, path, sentence, up_votes, down_votes, age, gender, accent

    assert header[1] == "path"
    fileid = line[1]
    filename = os.path.join(path, folder_audio, fileid)
    if not filename.endswith(ext_audio):
        filename += ext_audio
    waveform, sample_rate = torchaudio.load(filename)

    dic = dict(zip(header, line))

    return waveform, sample_rate, dic

[docs]class COMMONVOICE(Dataset): """Create a Dataset for CommonVoice. Args: root (str or Path): Path to the directory where the dataset is located. (Where the ``tsv`` file is present.) tsv (str, optional): The name of the tsv file used to construct the metadata, such as ``"train.tsv"``, ``"test.tsv"``, ``"dev.tsv"``, ``"invalidated.tsv"``, ``"validated.tsv"`` and ``"other.tsv"``. (default: ``"train.tsv"``) url (str, optional): Deprecated, not used. folder_in_archive (str, optional): Deprecated, not used. version (str): Deprecated, not used. download (bool, optional): Deprecated, not used. """ _ext_txt = ".txt" _ext_audio = ".mp3" _folder_audio = "clips" def __init__(self, root: Union[str, Path], tsv: str = "train.tsv", url: Optional[str] = None, folder_in_archive: Optional[str] = None, version: Optional[str] = None, download: Optional[bool] = None) -> None: if download: raise RuntimeError( "Common Voice dataset requires user agreement on the usage term, " "and torchaudio no longer provides the download feature. " "Please download the dataset and extract it manually.") deprecated = [ ('url', url), ('folder_in_archive', folder_in_archive), ('version', version), ('download', download) ] for name, val in deprecated: if val is not None: warnings.warn( f"`{name}` argument is no longer used and deprecated. " "It will be removed in 0.9.0 releaase. " "Please remove it from the function call") # Get string representation of 'root' in case Path object is passed self._path = os.fspath(root) self._tsv = os.path.join(self._path, tsv) with open(self._tsv, "r") as tsv_: walker = csv.reader(tsv_, delimiter="\t") self._header = next(walker) self._walker = list(walker)
[docs] def __getitem__(self, n: int) -> Tuple[Tensor, int, Dict[str, str]]: """Load the n-th sample from the dataset. Args: n (int): The index of the sample to be loaded Returns: tuple: ``(waveform, sample_rate, dictionary)``, where dictionary is built from the TSV file with the following keys: ``client_id``, ``path``, ``sentence``, ``up_votes``, ``down_votes``, ``age``, ``gender`` and ``accent``. """ line = self._walker[n] return load_commonvoice_item(line, self._header, self._path, self._folder_audio, self._ext_audio)
def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self._walker)


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