torchvision.utils.draw_bounding_boxes(image: torch.Tensor, boxes: torch.Tensor, labels: Optional[List[str]] = None, colors: Optional[Union[List[Union[str, Tuple[int, int, int]]], str, Tuple[int, int, int]]] = None, fill: Optional[bool] = False, width: int = 1, font: Optional[str] = None, font_size: Optional[int] = None)torch.Tensor[source]

Draws bounding boxes on given image. The values of the input image should be uint8 between 0 and 255. If fill is True, Resulting Tensor should be saved as PNG image.

  • image (Tensor) – Tensor of shape (C x H x W) and dtype uint8.

  • boxes (Tensor) – Tensor of size (N, 4) containing bounding boxes in (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax) format. Note that the boxes are absolute coordinates with respect to the image. In other words: 0 <= xmin < xmax < W and 0 <= ymin < ymax < H.

  • labels (List[str]) – List containing the labels of bounding boxes.

  • colors (color or list of colors, optional) – List containing the colors of the boxes or single color for all boxes. The color can be represented as PIL strings e.g. “red” or “#FF00FF”, or as RGB tuples e.g. (240, 10, 157). By default, random colors are generated for boxes.

  • fill (bool) – If True fills the bounding box with specified color.

  • width (int) – Width of bounding box.

  • font (str) – A filename containing a TrueType font. If the file is not found in this filename, the loader may also search in other directories, such as the fonts/ directory on Windows or /Library/Fonts/, /System/Library/Fonts/ and ~/Library/Fonts/ on macOS.

  • font_size (int) – The requested font size in points.


Image Tensor of dtype uint8 with bounding boxes plotted.

Return type

img (Tensor[C, H, W])

Examples using draw_bounding_boxes:

Repurposing masks into bounding boxes

Repurposing masks into bounding boxes

Repurposing masks into bounding boxes
Visualization utilities

Visualization utilities

Visualization utilities


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