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Welcome to the TorchTNT documentation!

TNT is a library for PyTorch training tools and utilities. It has two main components, which are the top-level modules of the repo:

  1. torchtnt.framework: contains a lightweight training framework to simplify maintaining training, evaluation, and prediction loops.
  2. torchtnt.utils: contains a grab-bag of various independent, training-related utilities, including data related abstractions and wrappers around different publishers to simplify logging metrics.


TNT can be installed with pip. To do so, run:

pip install torchtnt

If you run into issues, make sure that Pytorch is installed first.

You can also install the latest version from master. Just run:

pip install git+https://github.com/pytorch/tnt.git@master

To update to the latest version from master:

pip install --upgrade git+https://github.com/pytorch/tnt.git@master


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