Source code for torchtext.datasets.squad2

from torchtext.utils import download_from_url
import json
from import _RawTextIterableDataset
from import _wrap_split_argument
from import _add_docstring_header

URL = {
    'train': "",
    'dev': "",

MD5 = {
    'train': "62108c273c268d70893182d5cf8df740",
    'dev': "246adae8b7002f8679c027697b0b7cf8",

    'train': 130319,
    'dev': 11873,

def _create_data_from_json(data_path):
    with open(data_path) as json_file:
        raw_json_data = json.load(json_file)['data']
        for layer1 in raw_json_data:
            for layer2 in layer1['paragraphs']:
                for layer3 in layer2['qas']:
                    _context, _question = layer2['context'], layer3['question']
                    _answers = [item['text'] for item in layer3['answers']]
                    _answer_start = [item['answer_start'] for item in layer3['answers']]
                    if len(_answers) == 0:
                        _answers = [""]
                        _answer_start = [-1]
                    # yield the raw data in the order of context, question, answers, answer_start
                    yield (_context, _question, _answers, _answer_start)

[docs]@_add_docstring_header(num_lines=NUM_LINES) @_wrap_split_argument(('train', 'dev')) def SQuAD2(root, split): extracted_files = download_from_url(URL[split], root=root, hash_value=MD5[split], hash_type='md5') return _RawTextIterableDataset('SQuAD2', NUM_LINES[split], _create_data_from_json(extracted_files))


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