Note: We are working on new building blocks and datasets. Some of the components in the examples (e.g. Field) will eventually retire. See the release note 0.5.0 here.

  1. Ability to describe declaratively how to load a custom NLP dataset that’s in a “normal” format:

pos = data.TabularDataset(
path='data/pos/pos_wsj_train.tsv', format='tsv',
fields=[('text', data.Field()),
        ('labels', data.Field())])

sentiment = data.TabularDataset(
    path='data/sentiment/train.json', format='json',
    fields={'sentence_tokenized': ('text', data.Field(sequential=True)),
             'sentiment_gold': ('labels', data.Field(sequential=False))})
  1. Ability to parse nested keys for loading a JSON dataset

2.1 sample.json

{"foods": {
    "fruits": ["Apple", "Banana"],
    "vegetables": [{"name": "lettuce"}, {"name": "marrow"}]

2.2 pass in nested keys to parse nested data directly

In [1]: from torchtext import data
In [2]: fields = {'': ('vegs', data.Field())}
In [3]: dataset = data.TabularDataset(path='sample.json', format='json', fields=fields)
In [4]: dataset.examples[0].vegs
Out[4]: ['lettuce', 'marrow']
  1. Ability to define a preprocessing pipeline:

src = data.Field(tokenize=my_custom_tokenizer)
trg = data.Field(tokenize=my_custom_tokenizer)
mt_train = datasets.TranslationDataset(
    path='data/mt/wmt16-ende.train', exts=('.en', '.de'),
    fields=(src, trg))
  1. Batching, padding, and numericalizing (including building vocabulary object):

# continuing from above
mt_dev = data.TranslationDataset(
    path='data/mt/newstest2014', exts=('.en', '.de'),
    fields=(src, trg))
src.build_vocab(mt_train, max_size=80000)
trg.build_vocab(mt_train, max_size=40000)
# mt_dev shares the fields, so it shares their vocab objects

train_iter = data.BucketIterator(
    dataset=mt_train, batch_size=32,
    sort_key=lambda x: data.interleave_keys(len(x.src), len(x.trg)))
# usage
<data.Batch(batch_size=32, src=[LongTensor (32, 25)], trg=[LongTensor (32, 28)])>
  1. Wrapper for dataset splits (train, validation, test):

TEXT = data.Field()
LABELS = data.Field()

train, val, test = data.TabularDataset.splits(
    path='/data/pos_wsj/pos_wsj', train='_train.tsv',
    validation='_dev.tsv', test='_test.tsv', format='tsv',
    fields=[('text', TEXT), ('labels', LABELS)])

train_iter, val_iter, test_iter = data.BucketIterator.splits(
    (train, val, test), batch_sizes=(16, 256, 256),
    sort_key=lambda x: len(x.text), device=0)



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