Thank you for being part of the PyTorch community! The PyTorch ecosystem consists of projects, tools, and libraries from a broad set of researchers in academia and industry, application developers, and ML engineers. The goal of this ecosystem is to support, accelerate, and aid in your exploration with PyTorch. Below are a few questions to think about if you'd like to have your project included as part of the ecosystem:


Can your project be used with or within PyTorch to help augment the user experience, enable new capabilities or speed up training/inference?
Examples could include visualization tools, a kernel library or a framework that sits on top to enable research in a particular area such as NLP.


Is the project ready for broad developer usage?
For example, is the project stable, will it be maintained, and is there adequate supporting infrastructure, documentation, and technical support to allow a developer to successfully use it?

If you answered 'yes' to both, please fill out the form below with more details, and we'll follow up with next steps: