Source code for torch.mps.event

import torch

[docs]class Event: r"""Wrapper around an MPS event. MPS events are synchronization markers that can be used to monitor the device's progress, to accurately measure timing, and to synchronize MPS streams. Args: enable_timing (bool, optional): indicates if the event should measure time (default: ``False``) """ def __init__(self, enable_timing=False): self.__eventId = torch._C._mps_acquireEvent(enable_timing) def __del__(self): # checks if torch._C is already destroyed if hasattr(torch._C, "_mps_releaseEvent") and self.__eventId > 0: torch._C._mps_releaseEvent(self.__eventId)
[docs] def record(self): r"""Records the event in the default stream.""" torch._C._mps_recordEvent(self.__eventId)
[docs] def wait(self): r"""Makes all future work submitted to the default stream wait for this event.""" torch._C._mps_waitForEvent(self.__eventId)
[docs] def query(self): r"""Returns True if all work currently captured by event has completed.""" return torch._C._mps_queryEvent(self.__eventId)
[docs] def synchronize(self): r"""Waits until the completion of all work currently captured in this event. This prevents the CPU thread from proceeding until the event completes. """ torch._C._mps_synchronizeEvent(self.__eventId)
[docs] def elapsed_time(self, end_event): r"""Returns the time elapsed in milliseconds after the event was recorded and before the end_event was recorded. """ return torch._C._mps_elapsedTimeOfEvents(self.__eventId, end_event.__eventId)


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