Source code for torch.distributed.elastic.rendezvous.etcd_server

#!/usr/bin/env python3

# Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
# All rights reserved.
# This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
import atexit
import logging
import os
import shlex
import shutil
import socket
import subprocess
import tempfile
import time
from typing import Optional, TextIO, Union

    import etcd  # type: ignore[import]
except ModuleNotFoundError:

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def find_free_port():
    Finds a free port and binds a temporary socket to it so that
    the port can be "reserved" until used.

    .. note:: the returned socket must be closed before using the port,
              otherwise a ``address already in use`` error will happen.
              The socket should be held and closed as close to the
              consumer of the port as possible since otherwise, there
              is a greater chance of race-condition where a different
              process may see the port as being free and take it.

    Returns: a socket binded to the reserved free port


    sock = find_free_port()
    port = sock.getsockname()[1]
    addrs = socket.getaddrinfo(
        host="localhost", port=None, family=socket.AF_UNSPEC, type=socket.SOCK_STREAM

    for addr in addrs:
        family, type, proto, _, _ = addr
            s = socket.socket(family, type, proto)
            s.bind(("localhost", 0))
            return s
        except OSError as e:
            print(f"Socket creation attempt failed: {e}")
    raise RuntimeError("Failed to create a socket")

def stop_etcd(subprocess, data_dir: Optional[str] = None):
    if subprocess and subprocess.poll() is None:"stopping etcd server")

    if data_dir:"deleting etcd data dir: %s", data_dir)
        shutil.rmtree(data_dir, ignore_errors=True)

[docs]class EtcdServer: """ .. note:: tested on etcd server v3.4.3 Starts and stops a local standalone etcd server on a random free port. Useful for single node, multi-worker launches or testing, where a sidecar etcd server is more convenient than having to separately setup an etcd server. This class registers a termination handler to shutdown the etcd subprocess on exit. This termination handler is NOT a substitute for calling the ``stop()`` method. The following fallback mechanism is used to find the etcd binary: 1. Uses env var TORCHELASTIC_ETCD_BINARY_PATH 2. Uses ``<this file root>/bin/etcd`` if one exists 3. Uses ``etcd`` from ``PATH`` Usage :: server = EtcdServer("/usr/bin/etcd", 2379, "/tmp/default.etcd") server.start() client = server.get_client() # use client server.stop() Args: etcd_binary_path: path of etcd server binary (see above for fallback path) """ def __init__(self, data_dir: Optional[str] = None): self._port = -1 self._host = "localhost" root = os.path.dirname(__file__) default_etcd_bin = os.path.join(root, "bin/etcd") self._etcd_binary_path = os.environ.get( "TORCHELASTIC_ETCD_BINARY_PATH", default_etcd_bin ) if not os.path.isfile(self._etcd_binary_path): self._etcd_binary_path = "etcd" self._base_data_dir = ( data_dir if data_dir else tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix="torchelastic_etcd_data") ) self._etcd_cmd = None self._etcd_proc: Optional[subprocess.Popen] = None def _get_etcd_server_process(self) -> subprocess.Popen: if not self._etcd_proc: raise RuntimeError( "No etcd server process started. Call etcd_server.start() first" ) else: return self._etcd_proc def get_port(self) -> int: """ Returns: the port the server is running on. """ return self._port def get_host(self) -> str: """ Returns: the host the server is running on. """ return self._host def get_endpoint(self) -> str: """ Returns: the etcd server endpoint (host:port) """ return f"{self._host}:{self._port}" def start( self, timeout: int = 60, num_retries: int = 3, stderr: Union[int, TextIO, None] = None, ) -> None: """ Starts the server, and waits for it to be ready. When this function returns the sever is ready to take requests. Args: timeout: time (in seconds) to wait for the server to be ready before giving up. num_retries: number of retries to start the server. Each retry will wait for max ``timeout`` before considering it as failed. stderr: the standard error file handle. Valid values are `subprocess.PIPE`, `subprocess.DEVNULL`, an existing file descriptor (a positive integer), an existing file object, and `None`. Raises: TimeoutError: if the server is not ready within the specified timeout """ curr_retries = 0 while True: try: data_dir = os.path.join(self._base_data_dir, str(curr_retries)) os.makedirs(data_dir, exist_ok=True) return self._start(data_dir, timeout, stderr) except Exception as e: curr_retries += 1 stop_etcd(self._etcd_proc) log.warning( "Failed to start etcd server, got error: %s, retrying", str(e) ) if curr_retries >= num_retries: shutil.rmtree(self._base_data_dir, ignore_errors=True) raise atexit.register(stop_etcd, self._etcd_proc, self._base_data_dir) def _start( self, data_dir: str, timeout: int = 60, stderr: Union[int, TextIO, None] = None ) -> None: sock = find_free_port() sock_peer = find_free_port() self._port = sock.getsockname()[1] peer_port = sock_peer.getsockname()[1] etcd_cmd = shlex.split( " ".join( [ self._etcd_binary_path, "--enable-v2", "--data-dir", data_dir, "--listen-client-urls", f"http://{self._host}:{self._port}", "--advertise-client-urls", f"http://{self._host}:{self._port}", "--listen-peer-urls", f"http://{self._host}:{peer_port}", ] ) )"Starting etcd server: [%s]", etcd_cmd) sock.close() sock_peer.close() self._etcd_proc = subprocess.Popen(etcd_cmd, close_fds=True, stderr=stderr) self._wait_for_ready(timeout) def get_client(self): """ Returns: An etcd client object that can be used to make requests to this server. """ return etcd.Client( host=self._host, port=self._port, version_prefix="/v2", read_timeout=10 ) def _wait_for_ready(self, timeout: int = 60) -> None: client = etcd.Client( host=f"{self._host}", port=self._port, version_prefix="/v2", read_timeout=5 ) max_time = time.time() + timeout while time.time() < max_time: if self._get_etcd_server_process().poll() is not None: # etcd server process finished exitcode = self._get_etcd_server_process().returncode raise RuntimeError( f"Etcd server process exited with the code: {exitcode}" ) try:"etcd server ready. version: %s", client.version) return except Exception: time.sleep(1) raise TimeoutError("Timed out waiting for etcd server to be ready!") def stop(self) -> None: """ Stops the server and cleans up auto generated resources (e.g. data dir) """"EtcdServer stop method called") stop_etcd(self._etcd_proc, self._base_data_dir)


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