Source code for torch.distributed

import torch

[docs]def is_available(): """ Returns ``True`` if the distributed package is available. Otherwise, ``torch.distributed`` does not expose any other APIs. Currently, ``torch.distributed`` is available on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Set ``USE_DISTRIBUTED=1`` to enable it when building PyTorch from source. Currently, the default value is ``USE_DISTRIBUTED=1`` for Linux and Windows, ``USE_DISTRIBUTED=0`` for MacOS. """ return hasattr(torch._C, "_c10d_init")
if is_available() and not torch._C._c10d_init(): raise RuntimeError("Failed to initialize torch.distributed") if is_available(): from .distributed_c10d import * # Variables prefixed with underscore are not auto imported # See the comment in `` above `_backend` on why we expose # this. from .distributed_c10d import _backend


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