torch.set_printoptions(precision=None, threshold=None, edgeitems=None, linewidth=None, profile=None, sci_mode=None)[source]

Set options for printing. Items shamelessly taken from NumPy

  • precision – Number of digits of precision for floating point output (default = 4).

  • threshold – Total number of array elements which trigger summarization rather than full repr (default = 1000).

  • edgeitems – Number of array items in summary at beginning and end of each dimension (default = 3).

  • linewidth – The number of characters per line for the purpose of inserting line breaks (default = 80). Thresholded matrices will ignore this parameter.

  • profile – Sane defaults for pretty printing. Can override with any of the above options. (any one of default, short, full)

  • sci_mode – Enable (True) or disable (False) scientific notation. If None (default) is specified, the value is defined by torch._tensor_str._Formatter. This value is automatically chosen by the framework.


>>> torch.set_printoptions(precision=2)
>>> torch.tensor([1.12345])
>>> torch.set_printoptions(threshold=5)
>>> torch.arange(10)
tensor([0, 1, 2, ..., 7, 8, 9])


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