class, ch_axis=0, dtype=torch.quint8, qscheme=torch.per_channel_affine, reduce_range=False, quant_min=None, quant_max=None, **kwargs)[source]

Observer module for computing the quantization parameters based on the running per channel min and max values.

This observer uses the tensor min/max statistics to compute the per channel quantization parameters. The module records the running minimum and maximum of incoming tensors, and uses this statistic to compute the quantization parameters.

  • averaging_constant – Averaging constant for min/max.

  • ch_axis – Channel axis

  • dtype – Quantized data type

  • qscheme – Quantization scheme to be used

  • reduce_range – Reduces the range of the quantized data type by 1 bit

  • quant_min – Minimum quantization value. If unspecified, it will follow the 8-bit setup.

  • quant_max – Maximum quantization value. If unspecified, it will follow the 8-bit setup.

The quantization parameters are computed the same way as in MovingAverageMinMaxObserver, with the difference that the running min/max values are stored per channel. Scales and zero points are thus computed per channel as well.


If the running minimum equals to the running maximum, the scales and zero_points are set to 1.0 and 0.


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