class torch.quantization.fake_quantize.FusedMovingAvgObsFakeQuantize(observer=<class ''>, quant_min=0, quant_max=255, **observer_kwargs)[source]

Fused module that is used to observe the input tensor (compute min/max), compute scale/zero_point and fake_quantize the tensor. This module uses calculation similar MovingAverageMinMaxObserver for the inputs, to compute the min/max values in order to compute the scale/zero_point. The qscheme input in the observer is used to differentiate between symmetric/affine quantization scheme.

The output of this module is given by x_out = (clamp(round(x/scale + zero_point), quant_min, quant_max)-zero_point)*scale

Similar to FakeQuantize, and accepts the same attributes as the base class.


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