by The PyTorch Foundation

Now live: The official PyTorch Documentary! This film unveils the authentic narrative of PyTorch’s inception, attributing its existence to a dedicated group of unsung heroes driving technological innovation.

The documentary shares the strength of the PyTorch community, resonating with our communities across the globe. We hope this story of PyTorch inspires greater contributions, attracts more contributors to the project, and fosters widespread recognition of PyTorch’s significance in the open source community.

We couldn’t have produced this without the support of our PyTorch Foundation members and sponsors:

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“PyTorch’s growth and adoption in the AI community is a testament to open collaboration. The collective efforts of all the contributors have helped propel PyTorch as one of the most widely adopted AI frameworks in the industry. AMD is proud to be a part of this movement - making sure that the future of AI is open - and we are excited to continue contributing to this vibrant ecosystem.”

– Niles Burbank, AMD


“The release of the PyTorch Documentary showcases the innovation and real-world impact of one of the most widely adopted open source machine learning frameworks. By supporting and contributing to the PyTorch community, AWS helps enable cutting-edge machine learning research that drives advancements in AI capabilities. We are excited about the documentary as it highlights the power of collaboration in propelling PyTorch to the forefront of machine learning and empowering developers and data scientists to create groundbreaking models. At AWS, we celebrate frameworks like PyTorch that foster environments where open source machine learning technologies can grow and benefit the community at-large, as well as our customers.”

– Brian Granger, AWS

Google Cloud

“Google recognizes the impact of PyTorch on the AI community, providing researchers and developers with powerful, flexible tools for innovation. This documentary not only celebrates the remarkable achievements of the PyTorch community but also highlights the collaborative spirit driving advancements in AI. We look forward to continuing our support for PyTorch and fostering an open ecosystem that accelerates machine learning research and application.”

– Dwarak Rajagopal, Google


“We have been so impressed with the growth and collaboration that PyTorch has created over the years. From very humble beginnings at Meta to a cornerstone in AI research and development, the documentary showcases the dedication of our contributors since the start. It’s an honor to be a part of something so impactful, and now it’s been documented for our community to take part in.”

– Soumith Chintala, Meta

Microsoft Azure

“We’re truly excited about the premiere of the PyTorch Documentary. At Microsoft, PyTorch has been our default deep learning framework for building AI solutions including Microsoft Copilot. Additionally, we have made significant investments to create an optimized environment for our customers to develop, train, fine-tune and deploy their PyTorch workloads on Azure and Windows, furthering our commitment to democratize AI.”

– Eric Boyd, Microsoft

PyTorch Foundation

“The release of the PyTorch documentary marks a significant milestone for our community, showcasing the incredible journey and rapid evolution of PyTorch. We are excited to share these stories and achievements with the world, and we look forward to continuing to foster innovation and growth of the PyTorch community and PyTorch’s evolving ecosystem.”

– Matt White, PyTorch Foundation