by Team PyTorch

It’s been one year since we announced the formation of the PyTorch Foundation! 🎉

In its inaugural year, the PyTorch Foundation made a significant impact by launching PyTorch 2.0, growing contributors and adding new member companies. We’re grateful to our founding members for their support to move the foundation forward.

A few milestones in the past year include:

💻 Over 600,000 repositories on GitHub
✅ 60% of AI implementations choosing PyTorch
📈 More than 20% year over year growth in new repositories
🤝 Over 12,000 commits since last year

And a look at what the foundation has been up to this past year:

PyTorch project timeline

We look forward to growing our community for the years to come through supporting our contributors, democratizing the AI field, and creating new innovations.

We invite you to join us at this year’s PyTorch Conference on October 16-17 in San Francisco. Conference registration is filling up quickly, so take advantage of your chance to be part of this exciting event.

Join us to stay informed about the latest announcements and have the opportunity to connect with both the founding members and new additions to the PyTorch community.

With thanks and gratitude,
The PyTorch Foundation Team