class torchaudio.transforms.RTFMVDR(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (MVDR [Capon, 1969]) module based on the relative transfer function (RTF) and power spectral density (PSD) matrix of noise.

This feature supports the following devices: CPU, CUDA This API supports the following properties: Autograd, TorchScript

Given the multi-channel complex-valued spectrum \(\textbf{Y}\), the relative transfer function (RTF) matrix or the steering vector of target speech \(\bm{v}\), the PSD matrix of noise \(\bf{\Phi}_{\textbf{NN}}\), and a one-hot vector that represents the reference channel \(\bf{u}\), the module computes the single-channel complex-valued spectrum of the enhanced speech \(\hat{\textbf{S}}\). The formula is defined as:

\[\hat{\textbf{S}}(f) = \textbf{w}_{\text{bf}}(f)^{\mathsf{H}} \textbf{Y}(f) \]

where \(\textbf{w}_{\text{bf}}(f)\) is the MVDR beamforming weight for the \(f\)-th frequency bin, \((.)^{\mathsf{H}}\) denotes the Hermitian Conjugate operation.

The beamforming weight is computed by:

\[\textbf{w}_{\text{MVDR}}(f) = \frac{{{\bf{\Phi}_{\textbf{NN}}^{-1}}(f){\bm{v}}(f)}} {{\bm{v}^{\mathsf{H}}}(f){\bf{\Phi}_{\textbf{NN}}^{-1}}(f){\bm{v}}(f)} \]
Tutorials using RTFMVDR:
Speech Enhancement with MVDR Beamforming

Speech Enhancement with MVDR Beamforming

Speech Enhancement with MVDR Beamforming
forward(specgram: Tensor, rtf: Tensor, psd_n: Tensor, reference_channel: Union[int, Tensor], diagonal_loading: bool = True, diag_eps: float = 1e-07, eps: float = 1e-08) Tensor[source]
  • specgram (torch.Tensor) – Multi-channel complex-valued spectrum. Tensor with dimensions (…, channel, freq, time)

  • rtf (torch.Tensor) – The complex-valued RTF vector of target speech. Tensor with dimensions (…, freq, channel).

  • psd_n (torch.Tensor) – The complex-valued power spectral density (PSD) matrix of noise. Tensor with dimensions (…, freq, channel, channel).

  • reference_channel (int or torch.Tensor) – Specifies the reference channel. If the dtype is int, it represents the reference channel index. If the dtype is torch.Tensor, its shape is (…, channel), where the channel dimension is one-hot.

  • diagonal_loading (bool, optional) – If True, enables applying diagonal loading to psd_n. (Default: True)

  • diag_eps (float, optional) – The coefficient multiplied to the identity matrix for diagonal loading. It is only effective when diagonal_loading is set to True. (Default: 1e-7)

  • eps (float, optional) – Value to add to the denominator in the beamforming weight formula. (Default: 1e-8)


Single-channel complex-valued enhanced spectrum with dimensions (…, freq, time).

Return type:



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