Source code for torchaudio.datasets.ljspeech

import csv
import os
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Tuple, Union

import torchaudio
from torch import Tensor
from torch.hub import download_url_to_file
from import Dataset
from torchaudio.datasets.utils import _extract_tar

    "release1": {
        "folder_in_archive": "wavs",
        "url": "",
        "checksum": "be1a30453f28eb8dd26af4101ae40cbf2c50413b1bb21936cbcdc6fae3de8aa5",

[docs]class LJSPEECH(Dataset): """*LJSpeech-1.1* :cite:`ljspeech17` dataset. Args: root (str or Path): Path to the directory where the dataset is found or downloaded. url (str, optional): The URL to download the dataset from. (default: ``""``) folder_in_archive (str, optional): The top-level directory of the dataset. (default: ``"wavs"``) download (bool, optional): Whether to download the dataset if it is not found at root path. (default: ``False``). """ def __init__( self, root: Union[str, Path], url: str = _RELEASE_CONFIGS["release1"]["url"], folder_in_archive: str = _RELEASE_CONFIGS["release1"]["folder_in_archive"], download: bool = False, ) -> None: self._parse_filesystem(root, url, folder_in_archive, download) def _parse_filesystem(self, root: str, url: str, folder_in_archive: str, download: bool) -> None: root = Path(root) basename = os.path.basename(url) archive = root / basename basename = Path(basename.split(".tar.bz2")[0]) folder_in_archive = basename / folder_in_archive self._path = root / folder_in_archive self._metadata_path = root / basename / "metadata.csv" if download: if not os.path.isdir(self._path): if not os.path.isfile(archive): checksum = _RELEASE_CONFIGS["release1"]["checksum"] download_url_to_file(url, archive, hash_prefix=checksum) _extract_tar(archive) else: if not os.path.exists(self._path): raise RuntimeError( f"The path {self._path} doesn't exist. " "Please check the ``root`` path or set `download=True` to download it" ) with open(self._metadata_path, "r", newline="") as metadata: flist = csv.reader(metadata, delimiter="|", quoting=csv.QUOTE_NONE) self._flist = list(flist)
[docs] def __getitem__(self, n: int) -> Tuple[Tensor, int, str, str]: """Load the n-th sample from the dataset. Args: n (int): The index of the sample to be loaded Returns: Tuple of the following items; Tensor: Waveform int: Sample rate str: Transcript str: Normalized Transcript """ line = self._flist[n] fileid, transcript, normalized_transcript = line fileid_audio = self._path / (fileid + ".wav") # Load audio waveform, sample_rate = torchaudio.load(fileid_audio) return ( waveform, sample_rate, transcript, normalized_transcript, )
def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self._flist)


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