Source code for torchaudio.backend.common

[docs]class AudioMetaData: """Return type of ```` function. This class is used by :py:mod:`"sox_io" backend<torchaudio.backends.sox_io_backend>` and :py:mod:`"soundfile" backend<torchaudio.backends.soundfile_backend>`. :ivar int sample_rate: Sample rate :ivar int num_frames: The number of frames :ivar int num_channels: The number of channels :ivar int bits_per_sample: The number of bits per sample. This is 0 for lossy formats, or when it cannot be accurately inferred. :ivar str encoding: Audio encoding The values encoding can take are one of the following: * ``PCM_S``: Signed integer linear PCM * ``PCM_U``: Unsigned integer linear PCM * ``PCM_F``: Floating point linear PCM * ``FLAC``: Flac, Free Lossless Audio Codec * ``ULAW``: Mu-law * ``ALAW``: A-law * ``MP3`` : MP3, MPEG-1 Audio Layer III * ``VORBIS``: OGG Vorbis * ``AMR_WB``: Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband * ``AMR_NB``: Adaptive Multi-Rate Narrowband * ``OPUS``: Opus * ``HTK``: Single channel 16-bit PCM * ``UNKNOWN`` : None of above """ def __init__( self, sample_rate: int, num_frames: int, num_channels: int, bits_per_sample: int, encoding: str, ): self.sample_rate = sample_rate self.num_frames = num_frames self.num_channels = num_channels self.bits_per_sample = bits_per_sample self.encoding = encoding def __str__(self): return ( f"AudioMetaData(" f"sample_rate={self.sample_rate}, " f"num_frames={self.num_frames}, " f"num_channels={self.num_channels}, " f"bits_per_sample={self.bits_per_sample}, " f"encoding={self.encoding}" f")" )


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