Source code for torchaudio.utils.sox_utils

from typing import List, Dict

import torch
from torchaudio._internal import module_utils as _mod_utils

[docs]@_mod_utils.requires_sox() def set_seed(seed: int): """Set libsox's PRNG Args: seed (int): seed value. valid range is int32. See Also: """ torch.ops.torchaudio.sox_utils_set_seed(seed)
[docs]@_mod_utils.requires_sox() def set_verbosity(verbosity: int): """Set libsox's verbosity Args: verbosity (int): Set verbosity level of libsox. * ``1`` failure messages * ``2`` warnings * ``3`` details of processing * ``4``-``6`` increasing levels of debug messages See Also: """ torch.ops.torchaudio.sox_utils_set_verbosity(verbosity)
[docs]@_mod_utils.requires_sox() def set_buffer_size(buffer_size: int): """Set buffer size for sox effect chain Args: buffer_size (int): Set the size in bytes of the buffers used for processing audio. See Also: """ torch.ops.torchaudio.sox_utils_set_buffer_size(buffer_size)
[docs]@_mod_utils.requires_sox() def set_use_threads(use_threads: bool): """Set multithread option for sox effect chain Args: use_threads (bool): When ``True``, enables ``libsox``'s parallel effects channels processing. To use mutlithread, the underlying ``libsox`` has to be compiled with OpenMP support. See Also: """ torch.ops.torchaudio.sox_utils_set_use_threads(use_threads)
[docs]@_mod_utils.requires_sox() def list_effects() -> Dict[str, str]: """List the available sox effect names Returns: Dict[str, str]: Mapping from ``effect name`` to ``usage`` """ return dict(torch.ops.torchaudio.sox_utils_list_effects())
[docs]@_mod_utils.requires_sox() def list_read_formats() -> List[str]: """List the supported audio formats for read Returns: List[str]: List of supported audio formats """ return torch.ops.torchaudio.sox_utils_list_read_formats()
[docs]@_mod_utils.requires_sox() def list_write_formats() -> List[str]: """List the supported audio formats for write Returns: List[str]: List of supported audio formats """ return torch.ops.torchaudio.sox_utils_list_write_formats()


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