Source code for torchaudio.backend.utils

"""Defines utilities for switching audio backends"""
import warnings
from typing import Optional, List

import torchaudio
from torchaudio._internal import module_utils as _mod_utils
from . import (

__all__ = [

[docs]def list_audio_backends() -> List[str]: """List available backends Returns: List[str]: The list of available backends. """ backends = [] if _mod_utils.is_module_available('soundfile'): backends.append('soundfile') if _mod_utils.is_sox_available(): backends.append('sox_io') return backends
[docs]def set_audio_backend(backend: Optional[str]): """Set the backend for I/O operation Args: backend (str or None): Name of the backend. One of ``"sox_io"`` or ``"soundfile"`` based on availability of the system. If ``None`` is provided the current backend is unassigned. """ if backend is not None and backend not in list_audio_backends(): raise RuntimeError( f'Backend "{backend}" is not one of ' f'available backends: {list_audio_backends()}.') if backend is None: module = no_backend elif backend == 'sox_io': module = sox_io_backend elif backend == 'soundfile': module = soundfile_backend else: raise NotImplementedError(f'Unexpected backend "{backend}"') for func in ['save', 'load', 'info']: setattr(torchaudio, func, getattr(module, func))
def _init_audio_backend(): backends = list_audio_backends() if 'sox_io' in backends: set_audio_backend('sox_io') elif 'soundfile' in backends: set_audio_backend('soundfile') else: warnings.warn('No audio backend is available.') set_audio_backend(None)
[docs]def get_audio_backend() -> Optional[str]: """Get the name of the current backend Returns: Optional[str]: The name of the current backend or ``None`` if no backend is assigned. """ if torchaudio.load == no_backend.load: return None if torchaudio.load == sox_io_backend.load: return 'sox_io' if torchaudio.load == soundfile_backend.load: return 'soundfile' raise ValueError('Unknown backend.')


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