class ignite.contrib.metrics.PrecisionRecallCurve(output_transform=<function PrecisionRecallCurve.<lambda>>, check_compute_fn=False)[source]#

Compute precision-recall pairs for different probability thresholds for binary classification task by accumulating predictions and the ground-truth during an epoch and applying sklearn.metrics.precision_recall_curve .

  • output_transform (Callable) – a callable that is used to transform the Engine’s process_function’s output into the form expected by the metric. This can be useful if, for example, you have a multi-output model and you want to compute the metric with respect to one of the outputs.

  • check_compute_fn (bool) – Default False. If True, precision_recall_curve is run on the first batch of data to ensure there are no issues. User will be warned in case there are any issues computing the function.

PrecisionRecallCurve expects y to be comprised of 0’s and 1’s. y_pred must either be probability estimates or confidence values. To apply an activation to y_pred, use output_transform as shown below:

def activated_output_transform(output):
    y_pred, y = output
    y_pred = torch.sigmoid(y_pred)
    return y_pred, y

roc_auc = PrecisionRecallCurve(activated_output_transform)