Source code for ignite.handlers.terminate_on_nan

import logging
import numbers
from typing import Callable, Union

import torch

from ignite.engine import Engine
from ignite.utils import apply_to_type, setup_logger

__all__ = ["TerminateOnNan"]

[docs]class TerminateOnNan: """TerminateOnNan handler can be used to stop the training if the `process_function`'s output contains a NaN or infinite number or `torch.tensor`. The output can be of type: number, tensor or collection of them. The training is stopped if there is at least a single number/tensor have NaN or Infinite value. For example, if the output is `[1.23, torch.tensor(...), torch.tensor(float('nan'))]` the handler will stop the training. Args: output_transform: a callable that is used to transform the :class:`~ignite.engine.engine.Engine`'s ``process_function``'s output into a number or `torch.tensor` or collection of them. This can be useful if, for example, you have a multi-output model and you want to check one or multiple values of the output. Examples: .. code-block:: python trainer.add_event_handler(Events.ITERATION_COMPLETED, TerminateOnNan()) """ def __init__(self, output_transform: Callable = lambda x: x): self.logger = setup_logger(__name__ + "." + self.__class__.__name__) self.logger.addHandler(logging.StreamHandler()) self._output_transform = output_transform def __call__(self, engine: Engine) -> None: output = self._output_transform(engine.state.output) def raise_error(x: Union[float, torch.Tensor]) -> None: if isinstance(x, numbers.Number): x = torch.tensor(x) if isinstance(x, torch.Tensor) and not bool(torch.isfinite(x).all()): raise RuntimeError("Infinite or NaN tensor found.") try: apply_to_type(output, (numbers.Number, torch.Tensor), raise_error) except RuntimeError: self.logger.warning(f"{self.__class__.__name__}: Output '{output}' contains NaN or Inf. Stop training") engine.terminate()

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