Source code for ignite.handlers.time_limit

import time
from typing import Optional

from ignite.engine import Engine

__all__ = ["TimeLimit"]

from ignite.utils import setup_logger

[docs]class TimeLimit: """TimeLimit handler can be used to control training time for computing environments where session time is limited. Timer starts when handler is created and not training started. This handler gracefully terminates the training if time passed in the training exceeds a limit. Args: limit_sec: Maximum time before training terminates (in seconds). Defaults to 28800. Examples: .. code-block:: python from ignite.engine import Events from ignite.handlers import TimeLimit handler = TimeLimit() # 8 hours of training trainer.add_event_handler(Events.ITERATION_COMPLETED, handler) .. versionadded:: 0.4.3 """ def __init__(self, limit_sec: Optional[int] = 28800): if not isinstance(limit_sec, int): raise TypeError("Argument limit_sec should be an integer.") if limit_sec <= 0: raise ValueError("Argument limit_sec should be a positive integer.") self.limit_sec = limit_sec self.start_time = time.time() self.logger = setup_logger(__name__ + "." + self.__class__.__name__) def __call__(self, engine: Engine) -> None: elapsed_time = time.time() - self.start_time if elapsed_time > self.limit_sec:"Reached the time limit: {} sec. Stop training".format(self.limit_sec)) engine.terminate()

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