class torchrl.modules.NoisyLazyLinear(out_features: int, bias: bool = True, device: Optional[Union[device, str, int]] = None, dtype: Optional[dtype] = None, std_init: float = 0.1)[source]

Noisy Lazy Linear Layer.

This class makes the Noisy Linear layer lazy, in that the in_feature argument does not need to be passed at initialization (but is inferred after the first call to the layer).

For more context on noisy layers, see the NoisyLinear class.

  • out_features (int) – out features dimension

  • bias (bool, optional) – if True, a bias term will be added to the matrix multiplication: Ax + b. Defaults to True.

  • device (DEVICE_TYPING, optional) – device of the layer. Defaults to "cpu".

  • dtype (torch.dtype, optional) – dtype of the parameters. Defaults to the default PyTorch dtype.

  • std_init (scalar) – initial value of the Gaussian standard deviation before optimization. Defaults to 0.1

initialize_parameters(input: Tensor) None[source]

Initialize parameters according to the input batch properties. This adds an interface to isolate parameter initialization from the forward pass when doing parameter shape inference.


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