class torchrl.envs.transforms.DiscreteActionProjection(num_actions_effective: int, max_actions: int, action_key: Union[str, Tuple[str, ...]] = 'action', include_forward: bool = True)[source]

Projects discrete actions from a high dimensional space to a low dimensional space.

Given a discrete action (from 1 to N) encoded as a one-hot vector and a maximum action index num_actions (with num_actions < N), transforms the action such that action_out is at most num_actions.

If the input action is > num_actions, it is being replaced by a random value between 0 and num_actions-1. Otherwise the same action is kept. This is intended to be used with policies applied over multiple discrete control environments with different action space.

A call to DiscreteActionProjection.forward (eg from a replay buffer or in a sequence of nn.Modules) will call the transform num_actions_effective -> max_actions on the "in_keys", whereas a call to _call will be ignored. Indeed, transformed envs are instructed to update the input keys only for the inner base_env, but the original input keys will remain unchanged.

  • num_actions_effective (int) – max number of action considered.

  • max_actions (int) – maximum number of actions that this module can read.

  • action_key (NestedKey, optional) – key name of the action. Defaults to “action”.

  • include_forward (bool, optional) – if True, a call to forward will also map the action from one domain to the other when the module is called by a replay buffer or an nn.Module chain. Defaults to True.


>>> torch.manual_seed(0)
>>> N = 3
>>> M = 2
>>> action = torch.zeros(N, dtype=torch.long)
>>> action[-1] = 1
>>> td = TensorDict({"action": action}, [])
>>> transform = DiscreteActionProjection(num_actions_effective=M, max_actions=N)
>>> _ = transform.inv(td)
>>> print(td.get("action"))
transform_input_spec(input_spec: CompositeSpec)[source]

Transforms the input spec such that the resulting spec matches transform mapping.


input_spec (TensorSpec) – spec before the transform


expected spec after the transform


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