class str, batch_size: int, sampler: Optional[Sampler] = None, writer: Optional[Writer] = None, collate_fn: Optional[Callable] = None, pin_memory: bool = False, prefetch: Optional[int] = None, transform: Optional[Transform] = None)[source]

An experience replay for OpenML data.

This class provides an easy entry point for public datasets. See “Dua, D. and Graff, C. (2017) UCI Machine Learning Repository.

The data is accessed via scikit-learn. Make sure sklearn and pandas are installed before retrieving the data:

$ pip install scikit-learn pandas -U
  • name (str) – the following datasets are supported: "adult_num", "adult_onehot", "mushroom_num", "mushroom_onehot", "covertype", "shuttle" and "magic".

  • batch_size (int) – the batch size to use during sampling.

  • sampler (Sampler, optional) – the sampler to be used. If none is provided a default RandomSampler() will be used.

  • writer (Writer, optional) – the writer to be used. If none is provided a default RoundRobinWriter() will be used.

  • collate_fn (callable, optional) – merges a list of samples to form a mini-batch of Tensor(s)/outputs. Used when using batched loading from a map-style dataset.

  • pin_memory (bool) – whether pin_memory() should be called on the rb samples.

  • prefetch (int, optional) – number of next batches to be prefetched using multithreading.

  • transform (Transform, optional) – Transform to be executed when sample() is called. To chain transforms use the Compose class.

add(data: TensorDictBase) int

Add a single element to the replay buffer.


data (Any) – data to be added to the replay buffer


index where the data lives in the replay buffer.

append_transform(transform: Transform) None

Appends transform at the end.

Transforms are applied in order when sample is called.


transform (Transform) – The transform to be appended


Empties the replay buffer and reset cursor to 0.

extend(tensordicts: Union[List, TensorDictBase]) Tensor

Extends the replay buffer with one or more elements contained in an iterable.

If present, the inverse transforms will be called.`


data (iterable) – collection of data to be added to the replay buffer.


Indices of the data added to the replay buffer.

insert_transform(index: int, transform: Transform) None

Inserts transform.

Transforms are executed in order when sample is called.

  • index (int) – Position to insert the transform.

  • transform (Transform) – The transform to be appended

sample(batch_size: Optional[int] = None, return_info: bool = False, include_info: Optional[bool] = None) TensorDictBase

Samples a batch of data from the replay buffer.

Uses Sampler to sample indices, and retrieves them from Storage.

  • batch_size (int, optional) – size of data to be collected. If none is provided, this method will sample a batch-size as indicated by the sampler.

  • return_info (bool) – whether to return info. If True, the result is a tuple (data, info). If False, the result is the data.


A tensordict containing a batch of data selected in the replay buffer. A tuple containing this tensordict and info if return_info flag is set to True.


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