Source code for torchrl.envs.model_based.common

# Copyright (c) Meta Platforms, Inc. and affiliates.
# This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.

import abc
import warnings
from typing import List, Optional, Union

import numpy as np
import torch
from tensordict import TensorDict
from tensordict.nn import TensorDictModule

from import DEVICE_TYPING
from torchrl.envs.common import EnvBase

[docs]class ModelBasedEnvBase(EnvBase): """Basic environnement for Model Based RL algorithms. Wrapper around the model of the MBRL algorithm. It is meant to give an env framework to a world model (including but not limited to observations, reward, done state and safety constraints models). and to behave as a classical environment. This is a base class for other environments and it should not be used directly. Example: >>> import torch >>> from tensordict import TensorDict >>> from import CompositeSpec, UnboundedContinuousTensorSpec >>> class MyMBEnv(ModelBasedEnvBase): ... def __init__(self, world_model, device="cpu", dtype=None, batch_size=None): ... super().__init__(world_model, device=device, dtype=dtype, batch_size=batch_size) ... self.observation_spec = CompositeSpec( ... hidden_observation=UnboundedContinuousTensorSpec((4,)) ... ) ... self.state_spec = CompositeSpec( ... hidden_observation=UnboundedContinuousTensorSpec((4,)), ... ) ... self.action_spec = UnboundedContinuousTensorSpec((1,)) ... self.reward_spec = UnboundedContinuousTensorSpec((1,)) ... ... def _reset(self, tensordict: TensorDict) -> TensorDict: ... tensordict = TensorDict({}, ... batch_size=self.batch_size, ... device=self.device, ... ) ... tensordict = tensordict.update(self.state_spec.rand()) ... tensordict = tensordict.update(self.observation_spec.rand()) ... return tensordict >>> # This environment is used as follows: >>> import torch.nn as nn >>> from torchrl.modules import MLP, WorldModelWrapper >>> world_model = WorldModelWrapper( ... TensorDictModule( ... MLP(out_features=4, activation_class=nn.ReLU, activate_last_layer=True, depth=0), ... in_keys=["hidden_observation", "action"], ... out_keys=["hidden_observation"], ... ), ... TensorDictModule( ... nn.Linear(4, 1), ... in_keys=["hidden_observation"], ... out_keys=["reward"], ... ), ... ) >>> env = MyMBEnv(world_model) >>> tensordict = env.rollout(max_steps=10) >>> print(tensordict) TensorDict( fields={ action: Tensor(torch.Size([10, 1]), dtype=torch.float32), done: Tensor(torch.Size([10, 1]), dtype=torch.bool), hidden_observation: Tensor(torch.Size([10, 4]), dtype=torch.float32), next: LazyStackedTensorDict( fields={ hidden_observation: Tensor(torch.Size([10, 4]), dtype=torch.float32)}, batch_size=torch.Size([10]), device=cpu, is_shared=False), reward: Tensor(torch.Size([10, 1]), dtype=torch.float32)}, batch_size=torch.Size([10]), device=cpu, is_shared=False) Properties: - observation_spec (CompositeSpec): sampling spec of the observations; - action_spec (TensorSpec): sampling spec of the actions; - reward_spec (TensorSpec): sampling spec of the rewards; - input_spec (CompositeSpec): sampling spec of the inputs; - batch_size (torch.Size): batch_size to be used by the env. If not set, the env accept tensordicts of all batch sizes. - device (torch.device): device where the env input and output are expected to live Args: world_model (nn.Module): model that generates world states and its corresponding rewards; params (List[torch.Tensor], optional): list of parameters of the world model; buffers (List[torch.Tensor], optional): list of buffers of the world model; device (torch.device, optional): device where the env input and output are expected to live dtype (torch.dtype, optional): dtype of the env input and output batch_size (torch.Size, optional): number of environments contained in the instance run_type_check (bool, optional): whether to run type checks on the step of the env Methods: step (TensorDict -> TensorDict): step in the environment reset (TensorDict, optional -> TensorDict): reset the environment set_seed (int -> int): sets the seed of the environment rand_step (TensorDict, optional -> TensorDict): random step given the action spec rollout (Callable, ... -> TensorDict): executes a rollout in the environment with the given policy (or random steps if no policy is provided) """ def __init__( self, world_model: TensorDictModule, params: Optional[List[torch.Tensor]] = None, buffers: Optional[List[torch.Tensor]] = None, device: DEVICE_TYPING = "cpu", dtype: Optional[Union[torch.dtype, np.dtype]] = None, batch_size: Optional[torch.Size] = None, run_type_checks: bool = False, ): super(ModelBasedEnvBase, self).__init__( device=device, dtype=dtype, batch_size=batch_size, run_type_checks=run_type_checks, ) self.world_model = self.world_model_params = params self.world_model_buffers = buffers @classmethod def __new__(cls, *args, **kwargs): return super().__new__( cls, *args, _inplace_update=False, _batch_locked=False, **kwargs ) def set_specs_from_env(self, env: EnvBase): """Sets the specs of the environment from the specs of the given environment.""" self.observation_spec = env.observation_spec.clone().to(self.device) self.reward_spec = env.reward_spec.clone().to(self.device) self.action_spec = env.action_spec.clone().to(self.device) self.done_spec = env.done_spec.clone().to(self.device) self.state_spec = env.state_spec.clone().to(self.device) def _step( self, tensordict: TensorDict, ) -> TensorDict: # step method requires to be immutable tensordict_out = tensordict.clone(recurse=False) # Compute world state if self.world_model_params is not None: tensordict_out = self.world_model( tensordict_out, params=self.world_model_params, buffers=self.world_model_buffers, ) else: tensordict_out = self.world_model(tensordict_out) # done can be missing, it will be filled by `step` return *self.observation_spec.keys(), *self.full_done_spec.keys(), *self.full_reward_spec.keys(), strict=False, ) @abc.abstractmethod def _reset(self, tensordict: TensorDict, **kwargs) -> TensorDict: raise NotImplementedError def _set_seed(self, seed: Optional[int]) -> int: warnings.warn("Set seed isn't needed for model based environments") return seed


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