Source code for torchrl.envs.libs.habitat

# Copyright (c) Meta Platforms, Inc. and affiliates.
# This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
import functools
import importlib.util

import torch

from import DEVICE_TYPING
from torchrl.envs.common import EnvBase
from torchrl.envs.libs.gym import GymEnv, set_gym_backend
from torchrl.envs.utils import _classproperty

_has_habitat = importlib.util.find_spec("habitat") is not None

def _wrap_import_error(fun):
    def new_fun(*args, **kwargs):
        if not _has_habitat:
            raise ImportError(
                "Habitat could not be loaded. Consider installing "
                "it or solving the import bugs (see attached error message). "
                "Refer to TorchRL's knowledge base in the documentation to "
                "debug habitat installation."
        return fun(*args, **kwargs)

    return new_fun

def _get_available_envs():
    for env in GymEnv.available_envs:
        if env.startswith("Habitat"):
            yield env

[docs]class HabitatEnv(GymEnv): """A wrapper for habitat envs. This class currently serves as placeholder and compatibility security. It behaves exactly like the GymEnv wrapper. """ @_wrap_import_error @set_gym_backend("gym") def __init__(self, env_name, **kwargs): import habitat # noqa import habitat.gym # noqa device_num = torch.device(kwargs.pop("device", 0)).index kwargs["override_options"] = [ f"habitat.simulator.habitat_sim_v0.gpu_device_id={device_num}", ] super().__init__(env_name=env_name, **kwargs) @_classproperty def available_envs(cls): if not _has_habitat: return yield from _get_available_envs() def _build_gym_env(self, env, pixels_only): if self.from_pixels: env.reset() return super()._build_gym_env(env, pixels_only) def to(self, device: DEVICE_TYPING) -> EnvBase: device = torch.device(device) if device.type != "cuda": raise ValueError("The device must be of type cuda for Habitat.") device_num = device.index kwargs = {"override_options": []} for arg in self._constructor_kwargs.get("override_options", []): if arg.startswith("habitat.simulator.habitat_sim_v0.gpu_device_id"): arg = f"habitat.simulator.habitat_sim_v0.gpu_device_id={device_num}" kwargs["override_options"].append(arg) else: kwargs["override_options"].append(arg) self._env.close() del self._env self.rebuild_with_kwargs(**kwargs) return super().to(device)


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