Source code for torchvision

from torchvision import models
from torchvision import datasets
from torchvision import ops
from torchvision import transforms
from torchvision import utils

    from .version import __version__  # noqa: F401
except ImportError:

_image_backend = 'PIL'

[docs]def set_image_backend(backend): """ Specifies the package used to load images. Args: backend (string): Name of the image backend. one of {'PIL', 'accimage'}. The :mod:`accimage` package uses the Intel IPP library. It is generally faster than PIL, but does not support as many operations. """ global _image_backend if backend not in ['PIL', 'accimage']: raise ValueError("Invalid backend '{}'. Options are 'PIL' and 'accimage'" .format(backend)) _image_backend = backend
[docs]def get_image_backend(): """ Gets the name of the package used to load images """ return _image_backend


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