Template Struct optional_base

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Struct Documentation

template<class T>
struct c10::optional_base

Public Functions

constexpr optional_base() noexcept
constexpr optional_base(const optional_base<T> &v)
constexpr optional_base(const T &v)
constexpr optional_base(optional_base<T> &&v) noexcept(value)
constexpr optional_base(T &&v)
template<class ...Args>
optional_base(in_place_t, Args&&... args)
template<class U, class... Args, typename std::enable_if< std::is_constructible< T, std::initializer_list< U >>::value, bool >::type = false> optional_base (in_place_t, std::initializer_list< U > il, Args &&...args)
optional_base &operator=(const optional_base &rhs)
optional_base &operator=(optional_base &&rhs) noexcept(value && value)
constexpr bool initialized() const noexcept
void setInitialized(bool init) noexcept

Public Members

bool init_
storage_t<T> storage_


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