Template Class arrayref_optional_base

Nested Relationships

Class Documentation

template<class ArrayRefT>
class c10::arrayref_optional_base

Public Functions

constexpr arrayref_optional_base() noexcept = default
constexpr arrayref_optional_base(const ArrayRefT &v)
template<class ...Args>
constexpr arrayref_optional_base(in_place_t, Args&&... args)
template<typename T>
constexpr arrayref_optional_base(in_place_t, const std::initializer_list<T> &v)
constexpr bool initialized() const noexcept
void setInitialized(bool init) noexcept

Public Members

storage storage_
union storage

Public Functions

constexpr storage() noexcept
constexpr void setUninitialized() noexcept
constexpr storage(ArrayRefT &v)
template<typename T>
constexpr storage(const std::initializer_list<T> &v)
template<class ...Args>
constexpr storage(Args&&... args)

Public Members

struct c10::arrayref_optional_base::storage::raw uninitialized_
ArrayRefT value_
struct raw

Public Members

const void *p = nullptr
size_t sz = 1


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