Source code for torch_tensorrt._util

from torch_tensorrt import __version__
from torch_tensorrt import _C

import torch

[docs]def dump_build_info(): """Prints build information about the torch_tensorrt distribution to stdout""" print(get_build_info())
[docs]def get_build_info() -> str: """Returns a string containing the build information of torch_tensorrt distribution Returns: str: String containing the build information for torch_tensorrt distribution """ build_info = _C.get_build_info() build_info = ( "Torch-TensorRT Version: " + str(__version__) + "\n" + "Using PyTorch Version: " + str(torch.__version__) + "\n" + build_info ) return build_info
[docs]def set_device(gpu_id): _C.set_device(gpu_id)


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