Source code for torch.functional

import torch
from ._utils import _range

[docs]def split(tensor, split_size, dim=0): """Splits the tensor into equally sized chunks (if possible). Last chunk will be smaller if the tensor size along a given dimension is not divisible by ``split_size``. Arguments: tensor (Tensor): tensor to split. split_size (int): size of a single chunk. dim (int): dimension along which to split the tensor. """ if dim < 0: dim += tensor.dim() dim_size = tensor.size(dim) num_splits = (dim_size + split_size - 1) // split_size last_split_size = split_size - (split_size * num_splits - dim_size) def get_split_size(i): return split_size if i < num_splits - 1 else last_split_size return tuple(tensor.narrow(int(dim), int(i * split_size), int(get_split_size(i))) for i in _range(0, num_splits))
[docs]def chunk(tensor, chunks, dim=0): """Splits a tensor into a number of chunks along a given dimension. Arguments: tensor (Tensor): tensor to split. chunks (int): number of chunks to return. dim (int): dimension along which to split the tensor. """ if dim < 0: dim += tensor.dim() split_size = (tensor.size(dim) + chunks - 1) // chunks return split(tensor, split_size, dim)
[docs]def stack(sequence, dim=0): """Concatenates sequence of tensors along a new dimension. All tensors need to be of the same size. Arguments: sqequence (Sequence): sequence of tensors to concatenate. dim (int): dimension to insert. Has to be between 0 and the number of dimensions of concatenated tensors (inclusive). """ if len(sequence) == 0: raise TypeError("stack expects a non-empty sequence of tensors") if dim < 0: dim += sequence[0].dim() return for t in sequence), dim)
[docs]def unbind(tensor, dim=0): """Removes a tensor dimension. Returns a tuple of all slices along a given dimension, already without it. Arguments: tensor (Tensor): tensor to unbind. dim (int): dimension to remove. """ return tuple(, i) for i in _range(tensor.size(dim)))